Hello my little pumpkins and happy Halloween!

I’m not sure when it became a “thing” to wish people a happy Halloween in the warm autumnal daylight of this fine Friday, but still, if a colleague says it to me then I am more than happy to return the greeting.

To honour the occasion, I had made a pumpkin pie. That, and the need to empty out some of the tins from my grocery cupboard. I have made what you could call a “proof of concept” in consulting language, a quick and easy version of pumpkin pie in order to test out the feasibility of using a real pumpkin.

In addition, I conveniently had all of the ingredients in stock, including a tin of pumpkin puree that I bought LAST Halloween – it was still in date though, I checked!

Pumpkin puree

The back of the pumpkin puree tin detailed a recipe, details of which can  be found here

It really was very easy, and just included the two tins above, two eggs, some sweet pastry and some tasty spices…spices

I blind baked the pastry case, and then mixed all the ingredients together with a hand whisk. Pour the mixture in to the pastry case, and bake for approximately 50 minutes.


I probably cooked mine for either a little too long or at a little too high a temperature, as the pie came out a little brown on top. However this really did not impact the taste at all. In no way did it taste burnt and was still moist and full of sweet, spicy flavour.

cooked pie

Whilst Americans may enjoy pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving, I was quite happy to enjoy a slice with a cup of tea. Far more English… pie slice