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I had been thinking about making Swedish St Lucia buns since I watched Paul and Mary’s Christmas Masterclass in December. I then discussed the brightly coloured balls of goodness with Bronya (of brioche fame) over Christmas, and decided to make some myself. Coincidentally Will and I were off to Stockholm in mid Jan, and so it seemed like a good idea all round.

I am not a big fan of bread making, however I figured that the more I do it the less I will be scared of yeast failure, and less confused by the way that it seems to have a life of it’s own.

I followed the recipe of Mr Paul Hollywood himself, which you will find here, and actually it all worked out OK. I loved the brightly coloured saffron and the way it infused in to the milk.

Milk and saffron  Infused saffron

Whilst the recipe is straight forward, what takes the time is the double proving of the dough. I put my dough under the kitchen radiator in a bowl covered in cling film, since Paul suggested a warm, dry place to undertake the activity.

dough    Shaped dough

I watched with satisfaction as, true to form, the dough did double in size over a few hours. I then shaped the dough in to the suggested S, bull and cross shapes, and completed the look with raisins in appropriate crevices of dough. Just after 25 minutes in the oven, these golden yellow little beauties appeared.

image9   image10


A last minute egg wash pre-cooking gave a lovely shiny glaze and I would definitely recommend doing so. The saffron flavour was sweet but subtle, and they were nice buttered with breakfast or as a midday desk-based snack.

We had a great time in snowy Stockholm, not just for the lovely scenery but for the delicious cakes. Our favourite was definitely the Princess cake, regally coated in green marzipan and filled with light vanilla sponge, custard AND cream!





2015-01-12 14.02.03 - Copy 2015-01-12 11.52.18 - Copy

We also really enjoyed what seemed to be the cake version of a Viennese whirl, and a delicious cardamon – vanilla cream filled doughnut / muffin! Yum!






2015-01-11 15.32.19 - Copy 2015-01-11 13.46.27

Our next adventure will most likely be our wedding, which has been keeping me reasonably busy! I would like to write some blog posts on healthy eating for brides, since it is quite a challenge for me, so watch this space.



One month in to my new job, and several episodes in to The Great British Bake Off (the only TV show I watch), I was inspired to try out a new recipe.

Not just a new recipe, but a recipe for something that I don’t usually enjoy eating, hence why I have never made them before. Bear in mind that my only previous experience of these English delicacies was cold, soggy-bottomed, supermarket versions a long time ago (perhaps they have gotten better since circa 1993?).

The bakers on GBBO made them look so appealing during the technical challenge in “Pies and Tarts” week that I just had to give it a try. The result?

Delicious egg custard tarts!

Paul's tarts

OK so those are Paul Hollywood’s tarts but mine were still tasty! The sweet, crisp almond pastry complements the soft, silky custard topped with a defining sprinkling of nutmeg.

Final tartlets

I used Paul Hollywood’s recipe published on the trusty BBC Food website

A fair few eggs are required…

Beaucoup d'oeufs

…However it is a simple recipe with only a small number of ingredients.

It would also be easy to make this recipe gluten free, by using gluten free flour, such as rice flour. My auntie Freddi asked whether I would be blogging some more gluten free recipes so I will have a think about a couple for next time.


I made two batches, the first were slightly burned however still delicious.

Slightly burned pastry

One piece of advice, let the tarts cool for little while before removing, but don’t leave it too long or they risk being stuck to the tin!

Tarts in a tray

They may not be the neatest, prettiest looking pastries ever made, and mine were certainly not as neat as Paul’s however this did not detract from the taste at all. The recipe warns to eat them within a few days otherwise the pastry will all go soggy, however this was not an issue in our household of two, all of them went in just over 24 hours!

I would definitely say, overcome any childhood prejudices and give these a go. Rather easy and very satisfying. Plus you can make meringues and macarons with the excess of egg whites that you are left with!

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