I love food, in all it’s forms. Making, smelling, seeing, and most of all, tasting. In particular I love trialling home-grown recipes or adaptions of interesting flavour combinations with long-suffering loved ones, friends and colleagues. In Italy they say “A tavola non si invecchia”, at the table with good friends and family you do not become old. 

The reason I am so enthusiastic when it comes to food is it’s widespread significance across the world. We all need to eat, and this spreads across countries and cultures. It may be modestly home-made with ingredients from the garden /window box of first floor London flat, or flown in from exotic locations to be served in a top-notch restaurant.

Perhaps it is a Mediterranean influence of having Italian family, where we feed people to show that we care. It is both passionate and compassionate, we never like to turn up to a home empty-handed. Of course, when work or other commitments mean our culinary efforts fail to deliver, we may turn to a decent bottle of vino as a well-intended alternative.

I like trying out all sorts of recipes but especially enjoy baking and wish to use this blog to share recipes, photos, ideas and inspirations. I love to make cakes for special occasions, so please contact me if you want to have a chat.

I hope that you enjoy reading this site – and I welcome your feedback and ideas!